Music Review: Bad Bunny–El Último Tour Del Mundo

by Arlene Perez

On November 27th, the Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny released a new album of 16 songs called El Último Tour Del Mundo.

When Billboard asked him to describe his newly released album, he said, “This is a more sentimental album, more chill, the kind of thing you can listen to in your room.” The rapper said he took a different route compared to his album ‘YHLQMDLG.’

After listening to the album I would rate it a solid 8.5 out of 10. Why? Well to begin with, it was different. It was all over the place. It had rock-en-espanol, late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s vibes, soft reggaeton, Latin trap, and heavy rock beats, yet was still a great album. By doing this, Bad Bunny proves that he isn’t afraid to try something new, and he won’t always submit to his perro and reggaeton music choices. It shows he can experiment with various music genres.

Songs I’d recommend are:

 “Te Mudaste,” 

“Maldita Pobreza,” 

“Yo Visto Así,” 

 “La noche De Anoche (Ft. Rosalia),” 

“Booker T, La Droga,” 

“Dakiti (Ft. Jhay Cortez),” 

 “Sorry Papi (Ft. Abra),”

 and finally