Merry Quarantine Christmas!

by Amya Felix

Having trouble finding what to do during quarantine Christmas? Never fear, new fun and entertaining activities are here! Since we are all distressed and insane throughout the pandemic, we may not be able to do some of the things we enjoy during the holidays, but we can’t let COVID-19 bring our holiday spirits down. Take a look at these enjoyable activities, and you’ll definitely have a holly, jolly Christmas. 

What better way to decorate your home for Christmas than a beautiful home welcoming snow globe. This video will show you how to make your very own adorable DIY snow globe for kids and adults. They are very easy to make with your family and friends. You can find the materials anywhere in your local store and you can be as creative as you want to be. 

You don’t always have to go all out when decorating the outside of your home, so why not make an awesome and colorful Christmas wreath?  This amazing Christmas Wreaths website will provide you with different and unique wreaths to make with materials that will definitely make your wreath stand out from the crowd.

If you really want an activity that will get the party started, the “Build a Snowman” game is definitely a must try. It’s a fun game for all ages that will make you excited and make people laugh non-stop. Here’s how to play the game. 

  1. Split a group of players into teams: It can be as many as you want. When the game starts, one person will be trapped to become the snowman.  
  1. Give each team the supplies they need: Supplies that you will need are toilet paper or white streamers, hats, scarves, and any other fun essentials that you think will be creative to use. 
  1. Start a timer for 2 minutes for the wrapping to begin: This is where each team will wrap one person with toilet paper and the accessories within a short amount of time to create a  snowman. Music in the background will make the players more pumped up and enthusiastic too!
  1. Pick a winner: This is where you pick the winning team to see who is the best snowman. If you really want, maybe give the winning team prizes as a little congratulations. Also, be sure to have fun! 
“Build a Snowman” game is fun for all ages.

Christmas time is truly a wonderful year to spend time with family, friends, and other loved one out there. It’s a great holiday to bring people together and spread that Christmas cheer. These wonderful activities will put a smile on your face. Like they always say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!