Eagle Staff Spotlight: Ms. Monica Afshar

By Aideth Palacios

For this month’s Eagle Staff Spotlight, I wanted to share with you all someone special on our campus, Ms. Monica Afshar. Ms. Afshar is our College and Career Counselor, and this past Friday I had the honor of interviewing her. I learned a lot from her and I would like to inform you guys about someone who you can go to for guidance in your education. 

Ms. Afshar received her Bachelor’s degree at UC Santa Barbara and a Masters degree and P.P.S. credential from Cal State Dominguez Hills. Just like many of us, Ms. Afshar was a first-generation college student with parents who did not attend college. When she was younger, she also struggled in applying for college and figuring out what career she wanted to pursue. Luckily, she received guidance from her school counselor as well, who helped her figure out everything.

Ms. Afshar told me that the reason she decided to become a counselor was to serve others and for students to have someone they can rely on without feeling intimidated. Ms. Afshar is a woman whom students can feel comfortable with.

Many students are afraid to seek help from teachers because they are afraid of feeling intimidated. But I have worked with Ms. Afshar, and she creates a comfortable atmosphere in which you are not afraid to ask for help. Students need this! Students can relate to her and feel comfortable when asking for help. Just like me and many of you guys, Ms. Afshar is Hispanic and understands the struggles we face. It’s nice to have someone on campus that understands you. I personally relate to Ms. Afshar because just like her I am going to be a first-gen college student. It was hard for me to navigate the educational system and apply for college, but Ms. Afshar was a tremendous help! She guided me and was there every step of the way during these hard times of COVID-19. Whenever I needed help, I would email her and she was there. 

A recommendation from Mrs. Afshar to our seniors is to make sure to fill out the FAFSA, PLEASE! If you need help, seniors, Ms. Afshar is glad to help. Just email her at her school email MAfshar@nlmusd.k12.ca.us or you can contact through Schoology as well. She also has a helpful page on the JGHS website that includes helpful information called Afshar’s College and Career Corner.

Besides helping seniors, she would like to let all the freshman, sophomores, and juniors to try and aim for the best grades and try their best. She also recommends for students to start researching colleges and looking for your passion, so that when you get to your senior year you have an idea of what you would like to pursue. High school gives students an opportunity for exploration, says Ms. Afshar, and she is absolutely right.

With that being said I recommend for you all to visit Ms. Afshar and set up a Zoom meeting with her to talk about your college needs. She is extremely helpful and patient when helping out students. Ms. Afshar wanted to let you all know that she is blessed to be at our school and that she is here to help you all!

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  • Veronica Lorenzana

    What a great person to interview, Aideth! I hope all of your classmates take your advice and connect with Mrs Afshar because, like you said, she’s a great resource and she knows exactly what you’re going through!