Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends, Family, and Significant Others

By Angelica Moreno

Don’t know what to get your friends, parents, or significant other for Christmas? Here are some ideas of what you could get them or make them. Writers note: some gift ideas are odd but if you have good friends, they cherish whatever you get them. If they don’t, get new ones.


-Friendship bracelets 

-Beanie (everyone deserves a good sturdy beanie for the winter time)

-Reusable straws (save the turtles)


-A Book (I would recommend Film for Her by Orion Carloto. It’s a poetry book that’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to read for those who don’t like reading. It can become a decorative table book for them one day.) 

-Burt’s Bees chapstick (expensive chapstick) 

-Regular chapstick (affordable chapstick. You have to look out for your friends lip when they get dry in the winter time.)

-Starbucks gift card (At least make it $5. They should be able to afford one drink.) 

-Shirt (A band tee, movie tee, graphic tee, maybe a Taco Bell logo one. Hot Topic has bands and Target has affordable graphics.)

-CDs (Ask for their favorite album and you’re set. Fine Line by Harry Styles is very popular among the masses.) 

-Snacks (A snack basket or just one snack. It’s the thought that counts.)

-Rubik’s Cube or a deck of cards (Rubik’s Cubes are cool and a deck of cards is timeless. Your friend could use them for the next thirty years or so.)



-A framed photo of the family (if there isn’t a certain 8 x10 photo hanging that you like, gift it to your parents)

-Peanuts (cashews are for rich people)

 -Slippers (for warm feet) 

-Bread and fruit (sugar bread–conchitas–from the bakery and some oranges sound about nice for a present) 

•Partners (lover):

-Stuffed animal 

-Matching pj set with them 

-Matching pinky rings (I don’t fathom promise rings)


And if all else fails and you go to the stores last minute, everyone always needs some socks and because of Covid, some new masks. If you don’t even get to go to the store, just write a heartfelt letter to the people/person you love.