Opinion: True or False? Is SEA Merging with JGHS

by Daisy Penaloza

Great news, Southeast Academy. The rumors are false: we are not moving to the John Glenn High School campus. The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District Board of Education has decided not to merge both campuses after a meeting on Monday, October 12. With the assistance of SEA students, teachers, staff, and parents, we were able to convince the school board to stay where we belong–at Southeast Academy.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding this whole plan of the school board wanting to move Southeast Academy students over to the John Glenn campus. This whole situation had started as an idea, and has even tried to take place in the previous years, but the board decided to not do this in the end because it would result in a loss of income. However, the decision was not all about money. As school administration notes, “The major reason for not considering SEA’s move to JGHS was the board’s interest in growing SEA and attracting more students to the unique program.”

Although most Southeast Academy cadets agreed that this was a terrible idea, there were some cadets that didn’t mind the idea. “Personally, I  really like it better in SEA, although it wouldn’t bother me if we did move,” stated a cadet who wishes to remain anonymous.

This decision wasn’t just about keeping the school where it’s at, it was about the students and their experiences. Cadet Victoria Ceja mentioned, “I feel like I wouldn’t be able to experience all of SEA, if we move over to JGHS.”

This whole situation was quite the experience and very stressful, to say the least. In conclusion, hopefully this will be the last time we ever hear of this again.