Pandemic Quarantine Activities

by  Joceline Rodriguez

What do you like to do during this pandemic and quarantine time? Since everything has been closed down, people have been trying to find ways to keep themselves entertained; although, some people don’t really do anything but just stay in bed and others like to be productive here and there. I asked some of my friends what they like to do or how they spend their day. Some said they like to just be on social media or sleep, and others like to exercise and work on self care. I think it just depends on the person.

One of the students said they like to draw or paint, sometimes even create board games to play on the weekend. That’s really creative and sounds super fun to try. Some other activities were swimming (only if they had their own pool), playing video games, listening to music, and watching movies. I know a lot of people have been playing Among Us. It’s very popular right now, some even say they play every day for most of the day. The game is very fun and entertaining. If you ever run out of things to do, I totally recommend playing Among Us.

It was nice talking to people and hearing how they occupy themselves during quarantine. Talking to them really gave me more ideas on what activities to try. I know some told me it was hard being in quarantine in the beginning, but day by day got used to it. And, keeping themselves entertained in these ways has helped them.