What is “Key Club?”

By Andrea Arias

John Glenn High School has several clubs that help students in adding to their college applications and volunteering in their community and Key Club is one of these clubs. Key Club is an international service organization, it is student-led and provides services and volunteerism. They participate at several community events throughout the district and some at the international level.

Common volunteer events include tree planting, beach clean ups, park clean ups, and charity drives, as well as participating in the Rose Parade, but due to the current pandemic many events are being held virtually. Many of the past years their events were hosted in Long Beach and they would have a convention in San Francisco at the end of the year.

According to the JGHS Key Club president, Valery Montinola, the club helps students to “give back to your community, build your college resumé and leadership skills.” While Natalie Luna, the treasurer, stated that: “One of my favorite memories was when we were helping for the Rose Parade,” which happened last year when the club members got to help organize the beautiful flowers you see during the parade while others got to help with painting.