Student athletes staying active during quarantine

By Andrea Arias

Due to the current pandemic, CIF, the organization in charge of high school sports, has postponed all fall sports until winter. Due to this, many students have had to turn to different forms of exercising until they are able to meet up with their teams and coaches.

In his junior year, basketball player Hector Herrera had this to say about the postponement of sports activities: “It was a somber moment when me and my teammates realized that what we had constantly practiced for so long would cease to occur. Ever since then, staying active is the most important thing we can do as athletes. In a time like this, it is so easy to neglect what our bodies had known. However, like the saying goes, ‘To be ready, you have to stay ready.’ The season now seems like a distant dream. Whether it is working out at the house, finding parks to go and play basketball with each other [his teammates], we must make the time.” 

Lady Eagle athletes Flor Castillo and Karina Flores are both in volleyball and basketball, and they are also both seniors. Since the announcement of their activities having to begin later on, they have both continued to work out while staying hopeful to return this winter to their sport teams. Flor and Karina have both made an effort to go outside for runs, whether that be around their block or at a park near their home, they have also continued to practice their sports by passing or hitting a volleyball on a wall or going to a nearby basketball court to shoot around. Although these are not the only two sports struggling to maintain an active lifestyle during a worldwide pandemic, these are some perspectives from student athletes at John Glenn High School.