Schools reopening in Orange County

By Erika Hernandez

During this pandemic we have all been wondering when we will go back to school, or if we’ll even get the chance to go back. Well, in Orange County, many schools have been reopening but with a system called Hybrid Learning. Hybrid Learning is educational time both in the classroom and online. Typically, the class is broken up into two groups, the first group goes into class in the beginning of the week (Monday and Tuesday) and the second group goes at the end of the week (Thursday and Friday), Wednesday would stay as a rotating block schedule.

I asked an elementary school parent and student their opinions about Hybrid Learning, based on the experience they have gone through so far in Orange County. I asked one parent on how she felt about her child going back to school and she responded, “I feel like the half week in person helps the students a lot because whatever questions they have from previous or current work can be answered by the teacher themselves.” She also added, “ I feel like it’s an ease of mind for me because I don’t have to worry about who is going to take care of my child while I’m at work, but it’s also helpful getting a break knowing that my daughter is learning more and getting help from her teacher.”

I asked the student, who is 9 years old, how she felt about going back to school and she said, “I like the hybrid learning because I get to see my friends and I prefer days in school because I learn more.” 

After asking the parent and student questions it seems like they both enjoy Hybrid learning. At the rate Los Angeles County is going, let’s hope that soon we will be back at school too, even if it’s just two days a week.