Mental Health Awareness

By Brandon Nunez

Mental health is an issue that has a profound effect on teens and young adults long before the days of quarantine and the events of 2020. And this year has only served to amplify any issues students have with their mental health. 

One of the most frequently called up reasons for students deteriorating mental health was the copious amounts of homework they have been given over a short period of time. Of course, one way many students have gotten around this is by making a schedule that can help manage a student’s time and prevent overworking on late nights. Sometimes students become lonely being stuck in the house all day and a way to get around is to talk to friends or someone they trust over the internet through any medium preferred, rather it be a text or a discord call.

If you have a pet, such as a dog or even a fish, they can be a great way to help vent out your frustrations as they will always listen to you. The John Glenn High School website also has a student mental help calendar that has many suggestions to help relieve any stress such as watching a funny movie or exercising.

If all else fails and you need to talk to someone right away, it’s okay to reach out to any of these hotlines if you or anyone else needs help for their mental state. Suicide Prevention Hotline is the most reliable way to get fast mental help: (800) 273-8255