Latest news on Cristiano Ronaldo

By Jahir Poz

Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Covid-19, the Portuguese FA confirmed Tuesday morning, October 13, right after their game against France. Both Portugal and France have all tested negative following the news of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is set to miss the next three fixtures, one being an international game against Sweden, and the other two against F.C. Crotone and Dynamo Kiev for Juventus. The 35-year-old did play in two international games before testing positive, against Spain and France for the Nations League, both games ending scoreless 0-0. 

Ronaldo is not only the third Portugal player but also the 76th Serie A player to test positive for Covid-19, with Jose Fonte and Anthony Lopes receiving positive test results last week.

“Ronaldo first tested positive on Monday night,” said the Portuguese manager. Ronaldo was then tested again the next morning with the results being positive again. The team has been taking every precaution very seriously in order to prevent any more positive tests in the future. Ronaldo is the biggest athlete worldwide to have tested positive for Covid-19, but he remains well and is following every procedure in order to remain healthy. He is self isolated in Turin where he is being monitored by the Turin health authorities and wishes to return soon.

All soccer fans wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him out on the pitch soon, especially for the highly anticipated clash between FC Barcelona and Juventus F.C. which takes place on October 28. It will most likely be the last time the two best footballers arguably of all time, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, face each other for the Champions League group stages. 

On Monday, October 12, Cristiano posted a tweet stating “Unidos dentro e fora do campo” which translates to “United on and off the field.” His mother then posted a picture of him wearing a Portugal jersey stating, “God gives great battles to great warriors and it is one more war that you will win son.” Ronaldo has the support of everyone, love him or hate him no one wants to see someone test positive for Covid-19 and we should all appreciate his greatness while it’s here.