College Checklist

By Aideth Palacios

Hellooo class of 2021! Time has finally arrived, not as we had wished for but, it’s here. We are finally seniors! With all this chaos occurring of Covid-19 and school being closed down, we have not taken the time to prioritize what really matters–our future. Have you thought about what you wish to do? Perhaps continue on to college, work, or even both, but do you know where to start?

Maybe you don’t, but that is why I am here. To serve you as a guide and lead you through your journey of applying for college, FAFSA, and scholarships. You might be wondering, where do I start? My simple answer is: wherever your heart leads you. The most important step is choosing what you would like to become–your career choice. However, it’s fine if you don’t know yet. Do not stress! All you really need to know is if you want to continue on to college; and if you do, please pay attention to the following.

What type of education would you like to pursue?

Choices include community college, UCs, Cal States, private universities, career colleges/vocational training

Have you applied to FAFSA? What is FAFSA? How fast should I apply?

If you have not applied to FAFSA please do it ASAP!! FAFSA is federal student aid which is free money that helps you pay for school. The faster you apply the more money you might receive. 

Interested in applying for a UC or Cal state ?

Make sure to fill out applications before the deadlines. 

Have you applied for scholarships?

Well if you have not, please check these out!

Check out these two links, create an account, and start researching scholarships that best fit you: