Movies to Watch About Teenagers

By Angelica Moreno 

As a movie watcher, I always recommend movies to others and with quarantine, now is the time to spend movie watching. Here are ten movies about teens, I recommend viewing in your leisure time and as always, us at The Shoemaker Bugle do NOT condone or support illegal movie watching. (wink, wink)

Rebel Without a Cause (HBO Max): A classic to be seen by all. Teen rebels go against the conformities of what normal people would say, do and act like.

Dead Poets Society, dir. Peter Weir: Privileged boarding school teen boys start a secret society of poetry amongst each other. An unfortunate event occurs and in the end the movie is worthwhile.

Almost Famous, dir. Cameron Crowe: Teen journalist travels with a band and falls in love with a charming groupie.

Ordinary People, dir. Robert Redford (Pluto TV): After a failed suicide attempt, a teen boy comes back home and tries to live life normally again.

The Cake Eaters, dir. Mary Stuart Materson (Tubi): A chronically ill teen girl shoots her shot at a boy she likes from fear of dying soon. They form a short relationship.

Speak, dir. Jessica Sharzer : Unspeakable things happen to our main character at a party, she calls the cops right after an atrocious event, and everyone hates her after ruining the summer party but never ask to why she made the call.

Submarine, dir. Richard Ayoade (Tubi): Teen tries to save the marriage of his parents while ruining his first relationship. Alex Turner does a great job with the soundtrack.

Palo Alto, dir. Gia Coppola (Tubi): The mundane lives of three teenagers. You’ll feel like you know someone in your life just like them.

Lymelife, dir. Derick Martini (Tubi): A wife cheats on her husband with a neighbor, and everyone in both families find out about the affair. The children take the hardship of their parents’ problems.

Dazed and Confused, dir. Richard Linklater: The last day of high school, class of 1976. The movie takes its time with everything but you’ll enjoy the wardrobe and music, if anything.

The Squid and the Whale (Tubi): The parents of two young boys go through a divorce. The older boy becomes a horrible person like his father and the younger boy has a weird habit.

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