IOS 14 Update: How to customize your home screen

by Brianna Lucero

The iOS 14 Apple update came out this September, and now people are bringing out their inner creative side when customizing their home screens.  On September 16 this year, the update came out with a lot of new features like the App Library which is exactly as it sounds. Your apps can now be categorized and separated, but there is also a search bar for when you want to find a certain app. The Translate app, compact calls, and the indicator for when the mic or camera is on. There is also the watch and work update so you can watch shows or movies while working on your phone, but these are the most noticeable updates added and on the Apple website there is a lot more you can see. 

iOS 14 Home Screens from Apple (file photo)

However, despite all the cool new updates, what gained a lot of attraction was the home screen now being very customizable with widgets and being able to change the icon of apps. There are already multiple apps that can be downloaded that can make your widgets even more customizable. Also, people are using the Shortcuts app to customize their home screen even more. Some of the most creative and interesting home screens I have seen were Pokemon, Penguin Club, Minecraft, and Wii themed home screens. 

A customized Minecraft home screen (courtesy

Seeing all these cool home screens, inspired me. After watching a few videos I finally got it and was able to customize my home screen. Here is a step-by-step on how to customize your home screen:

  1. Go to the Shortcuts app
  2. Press the ‘+’ on the right top corner
  3. Press add action
  4. Press scripting
  5. Press Open app
  6. Press Choose box 
  7. Pick whatever app you want to change the icon of
  8. Press the three dots 
  9. Press add to Home Screen
  10. Change the Shortcut name to the app’s name
  11. Click on the smaller icon and press choose a photo
  12. Press Add and then Done
  13. Edit Home Screen and remove the original app from Home Screen to the App Library 

There are cons to doing this though–firstly, it is very time consuming, and every time you open the app you will be taken to the Shortcuts app first and then the actual app. This can be really bothersome to people, so make sure this is something you are okay with before you customize all your apps. If you have already done it and decide to remove it, this is what you do:

  1. Edit Home Screen by holding down on the customized app
  2. Press Delete Bookmark
  3. Go to App Library
  4. Search for the app in the App Library that you chose to customize
  5. Hold down on the icon and press Add to Home Screen

Also, it is very important that if you customized a lot of apps already and decide to change it back, take note of all the apps that you are changing on a piece of paper. From experience, I know that it is annoying to figure out which apps you need to move to your home screen once you delete all the bookmarks.